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Corporate Social Responsability

Marcotran's Corporate Social Responsibility is part of a strategic plan, alive and latent, that year after year is maturing and acquiring a major relevance inside and outside the company.

Geared towards improvement, analysis and observation goals, in the social, economic and environmental spheres of its stakeholders.

Based on a promising path, directed to sustainability and translated into a solid commitment of positive interaction with our environment.

By adopting this philosophy, we continue to move forward, with continuous and sustainable growth, like the one we managed to reach in the past years, and that is supporting our work and efforts.

Moreover, as a family enterprise we are well aware of the importance of people and we have thus always believed that organisations are a reliable reflection of the people going to make them up: our employees and partners. 

As associates to Global Compact and the Global Compact Spanish Network, we line up with the Objectives of Sustainable Development, inherent to our activity, with the company's own corporate strategy, thus contributing to the achievement of the 2030 Agenda.

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