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Innovation is one of Marcotran's key strategy, creating new paths and offering real alternatives that provide our clients with solutions for their needs.
To ensure sustainability, a fleet as large as Marcotran has to be continuously renewed with low-emission vehicles, such as the Euro 6 vehicles, and innovative with alternative-fuel vehicles.

  • Fleet management systems

  • Warehouse management programme

  • ERP for corporate and financial management

  • CRM for commercial management

Just like the world evolves, so does Marcotran, adapting to the demand of logistics and transport services, what entails an important investment on the fleet traceability and the acquisition, adjustment and development of different box trailer trucks and box trailer semi-trucks adapted to the requirements of each type of good. Collaboration with suppliers and manufacturers is fundamental: by assisting and transmitting any needs that may arise, we seek to achieve a daily improvement in our clients' supply chain.
In the age of the Internet of Things, traceability and blockchain, IT and technological development is fundamental, integrating into systems and developing applications that allow us to seek this continuous enhancement.


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